Interview without coffee

The New York Times is sponsoring a blog Schott’s Vocabthat is a repository of words and phrases from news sites around the world. (quirkily fascinating).

One recent entry really appealed to me Interview without Coffee ~ a British army euphemism for a dressing down by a senior officer.  Amazing how just three words can set expectations and create this vision in your mind. Personally, I hope to avoid ever experiencing one.

One thought on “Interview without coffee

  1. There’s a Derry phrase ‘a titter of wit’, usually applied in the negative, that emphatically means an absence of humour, or, more accurately perhaps, wit. It was actually used in today’s Irish Times on the letters page, where an irate writer complained about an alleged satirist who he bemoaned as a mere sensationalist, and worse still the media who lapped it all up, ‘wallowing,’ as he put it, ‘in witless tittering without a titter of wit.’

    So there.

    (, ‘Swift Reaction to Cowen Paintings’, second letter)

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