“Welcome to the Future”


I don’t have many C&W (country and western) songs on my iPOD but last night I caught Brad Paisley singing “Welcome to the Future” on the 2009 CMA awards. It is a catchy tune with lyrics that sum up the “understanding gap” between the young and old.

And I’d have given anything
To have my own Pac-Man game at home
I used to have to get a ride down to the arcade
Now I’ve got it on my phone


Hey, everyday is a revolution
Welcome to the future
Hey, so many things I never thought I’d see
Happening right in front of me

One of the challenges facing society is not only the absorption of all this technology by folks but also an understanding of how far life has changed.

The mantra used to be that “knowledge is power” but if knowledge is widely shared and accessible where does the advantage come from, perhaps to it should be rephrased to “timeliness is power”.   Think real estate. Agents/brokers used to use their ‘knowledge’ of the housing market as a key competitive advantage, but now that knowledge is widely available (see Zillow) and their value is much more about negotiating skills and  speed of action to  ‘close the deal’.

Telcos need to recognize that ‘timeliness’ is where they can bring significant value add and be paid for it !!

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