Taking one for the team

I recently posted an entry about the AT&T and Apple iPhone relationship. This week, in the NY Times there was even more fodder for the fire.

The article shows contrary to both the Verizon advertisements and  AT&T public statements that AT&T has the superior nationwide network and that its performance problems are inherent in the design of the iPhone itself.  The article ends with this quote …

AT&T and Apple could both gain by swapping talent.

Apple, send your marketing wizards to lend your partner a hand. It sorely needs help.

AT&T, send some engineers to redesign the iPhone to make better use of the country’s fastest wireless network.

I was intrigued by one of the sources cited by the article, Root Wireless, who provide local coverage maps (signal strength, data transfer speed, and network issues (dead zones etc.)).  Here is my local map for AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile. (double click on maps for larger version)




att map verizon map t-mobile map

It is fascinating to me the difference in coverage across the three carriers  (ran out of room to include Sprint) – it is easy to see why despite the iPhone and the ‘Droid, I prefer T-Mobile.

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