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Horsey death of newspapers As the new year begins, my wife and I continue to debate  – do we need to have two newspapers delivered everyday? With the demise of the Seattle PI earlier this year (it moved to the web) and with so much information out there, I got thinking of where do I get my news from and how big a role newspapers play. Listed by importance within each category.

Newspapers & Magazines Internet TV
NY Times
Seattle Times
Guardian (UK)*
NY Times*
Seattle PIEconomist*
Telegraph (UK)#
Huffington Post
BBC America
NBC National News
ABC Local News

* both email notifications and their web site.
# android (mobile) application

I then came across an article by Michael Kinsey, in the Economist’s  “The World in 2010” annual edition,  on the future of newspapers. He argues that for newspapers to survive, they not only to come up with ways to not give away their content for free but also to embrace hyper-localism (news that is relevant to a small geographic area).

Personally, I don’t see either strategy working. The horse has left the barn as far as charging for content goes, the only successful strategy seems to link content access to paid print subscriptions. The second hyper-localism has already lost the battle to the internet and access through smart phones. A great example of hyper-localism on the internet is the westseattleblog, I just can’t see a newspaper competing.

So with that in mind, I guess that the Seattle Times will lose yet another subscriber.

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