The Psychology of the Fig Roll

Walking through the local supermarket the other day, I noticed an anomaly.  Jacob’s Fig Rolls were selling 200g packs for €1.89 alongside 300g packs (50% extra free packs) for the same price.  Then I noticed that they were selling 400g packs (100% extra free) for the same price, though just around the corner in a “special offer” stack.  Of course, this is no anomaly.

Who do we think walks into the store and selects one of these three?  Is there a reason that all three are simultaneously displayed?  Some customers don’t care about price.  Some customers don’t buy anything on “special offer” (it makes me look poor).  Other customers simply don’t like excessive volume and waste.  And still more (most of us?) will look for the best offer, the cheapest way to get something to dunk in our morning tea.  How advanced are the analytics behind this kind of pricing?  And – more to the point, what can telecommunications companies learn about retail pricing and customer buying behaviours?

Incidentally, I bought two packs of the 100% extra free Jacob’s fig rolls.  Curiously, I don’t think I would have countenanced buying four packs of the single packs, had they been half price, because it would have appeared excessive.  Think about that for a minute…

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