BREAKING: Brazen Thoughts To Sue Google?

Ah, we’re not such a litigious lot here at BT, but our good friends at Google seem to have come up with an innovation that’s, well, not really their innovation.  Or, at least, we got to it first.  And we know the good people in Mountain View read our submissions on this humble blog with great interest.  I’m talking of course about Google Plus, and their concept of “circles”.  Here on this very blog, in a comment under an article where I explained why I had deleted by Facebook page, in June 2010, I suggested:

you know what would be cool? well, gmail has a labelling system for emails – so you can label your emails. Could you label your friends and interactions? You could have a golden circle…a family circle….a school circle….a work circle…and by default, every label gets your interactions, but you can deselect “work” when discussing a night out

Now, I’m not a lawyer (actually I am, but don’t tell anyone, my reputation would be ruined) but it seems to me like this pretty much defines the Google Plus concept of “Circles”.  It even gives it the name!  That’s gotta be worth a billion or so…

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