Why networks matter

The Week

The Week (UK edition) had the following snippet

The Daily Mail famously publicized the Stephen Lawrence case, branding six suspects “Murderers” on its front page and daring them to sue. What’s less well-known is the link between Neville Lawrence and the Mail’s editor, Paul Dacre. Lawrence, it turns out, once re-plastered Dacre’s bathroom.

So when he felt the Mail had unfairly blamed him and his wife for a protest riot, he rang Dacre to ask him: “How could you do that? You know me.” After that, the paper became dogged in its pursuit of justice.

It is amazing to think that a case that changed the course of British justice by exposing institutional racism in the police force and leading to the repeal of the “double jeopardy defense” in murder cases was in a certain way dependent on a chance relationship.

It really was a case of you never knowing when a relationship will make a real difference.

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