Data is Money. Not like money, or as good as money. It is money.

(reminder and disclaimer – I work for IBM, but these are personal comments)

Almost three years ago, in Febraury 2010 (yeah, I know – three years!) the Economist ran a supplement called “The Data Deluge“, about Big Data and how it was transforming businesses all over the world.  In the middle of the supplement was an article called ‘Clicking for Gold‘, in which there’s a quote from Tim O’Reilly, who says that companies like Google, Amazon and Facebook ‘…are uncomfortable bringing so much attention to this because it is at the heart of their competitive advantage. Data are the coin of the realm. They have a big lead over other companies that do not ‘get’ this.’  For the intervening time, I’ve been quoting this to telcos all over the world, and they nod their heads, and – for the most part – don’t do much about it.

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It is almost the December forecast season

With the Christmas paraphernalia taking over the retail stores, it must be time for 2010 predictions.

One of the first out of the gate is with their 2010 top ten consumer trends.

2010 consumer trends

Taking each of the ten in turn and how they apply to Telcos.

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Why real-time is important

Im late!

I'm late!

Telecommunications has long been straddled with file based integrations, batch processes, massive data and turgid reports. The trawl through irrelevant material, the delays in getting information, and the compromises to integrity that silos impose on information are legendary. When files go missing, revenue gets lost – that’s the best we can hope for. In these days when partners are everywhere in the service value network, when Government and regulators get to decide how parts of business process work, and where the old one-to-one service-provider-to-consumer relationship is the stuff of nostalgia events at the Christmas party, the implications are far greater.

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