I am not quite into you

A great short funny 4 minute video from TED. In a short, less than four minute, video, Renny Gleeson talks about the new “culture of availability” and its consequence the “expectation of availability” and how society is struggling to come up with acceptable behaviour.  He also makes the point that for many “the present reality is not as interesting as the story I will tell about it later”. In other words, there is not only your own individuality but also the identity you are projecting to the outside world (are there any realistic avatars in second life?) and that reconciling these two identities is still being worked out. In order for this new shared experience to work, he makes a final plea to the audience to make technology that makes people more human not less.

We have all been frustrated (and frustrated others) by the incoming call/text/e-mail in the middle of a conversation. Sadly it says, in a not so subtle way, that you are not as important as whatever the  interuption was. That is one reason, I like Skype video (and its equivalents) – you feel you have the undivided attention of the recipient as opposed to sharing it with the web or their e-mail list. Maybe the picture-phone will make a comeback.

As I was watching some of the examples, I was struck how this “two or more things at once“  is not a new phenomenon – I still remember my surprise when watching “Klute“  over 30 years ago and seeing Jane Fonda checking her watch in the middle of the sex scene. Check out Renny Gleeson’s video, it is very good.